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       Ranco Series
       Saginomiya Series
       Danfoss Style
       ATEA Style
       TAM Style
       A Series(For car air-condition)
       Heating Style
       GE Style

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    Add:37 XinJiang Zhong Road.ShangRao,JiangXi, China.

    About Us

        ShangRao LiTong electric co.,ltd is located at the south of the world's beauty spot, Sanqing mountain. adn in the Shangrao Xinjiang side. The company specifically manufactures all kinds of Pressurized thermostat apparatus and Liquid expansion thermostat controlled apparatus.,Our products include about 300 types of thermostatsmainly produce Ranco Series, Sagnomiya Series, Danfos Series, GE Series, car air-conditioner A series,Prodigy HEATER ,ATEA and TAM Series,F2000,711 etc thermostat,   Whice are widely used in refrigerator, air-conditioner, freezer, Potable water machine,Fries the ice machine,Maintains freshness the cabinet , heater,washer,fryer,electronic oven, car air-conditioner, 
        The company has a number of high-skilled technical staff and product development staff, an independent product development capability, since its inception, and constantly developing new products, the products are exported to all over the world, deeply domestic and foreign merchants favor and trust. Your satisfaction is our pursuit.
        The company holds "quality first, reputation first" purpose, sincerely welcome customers and abroad to discuss business. Your satisfaction is our pursuit!
        Add:37 XinJiang Zhong Road.ShangRao,JiangXi, China.
        Tel: +86-793-8309239
        Fax: +86-793-8309239

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